Paul Trentelman Art

I have always been drawn to the visual arts. After studying art and photography in college, I worked as a commercial advertising photographer in Salt Lake City for over 25 years.
IIn 2005, I had the opportunity to return to my roots as an artist. I took some lessons in drawing and painting for a couple of years to refresh and refine technique, and in 2007 my wife and I moved to Ogden and purchased an old house where Ė between renovation projects -I have been trying to paint as much as I can.
I find myself drawn to the human figure as subject matter. I am especially interested in portraying people in a variety of life activities and situations. I like to explore the broad range of emotional responses evoked by these situations. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesnít Ė this is the nature of art. Itís all really an experiment.
Whether Iím doing a painting depicting the social struggles of Mexican immigrants or a cowboy packing up his saddle after a rodeo this is all a depiction of people in their struggles in life. This is a reflection of our society, our lives, our culture, and I feel if I can somehow show a part of it in my work and make someone think about it for a moment then I can feel some measure of success.

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